Who We Are

Hola! My name is Sandra Borjas, founder of Guacamaya Art. In 2001 the political circumstances in Venezuela, my country of birth, made my family and me immigrate to the United States, and now I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and three daughters. We feel fortunate that this country has given us so many opportunities. After so long, we are proud to be Venezuelan-Americans and my heart is now divided in two: my past and my present. Nostalgia and melancholy invade my heart every time a think of Venezuela and catch up on the news of a country devastated by poverty, political unrest and economic collapse. Although I am far from Venezuela, I want to feel like I’m doing something for the country that raised me, so I decided to become a Venezuelan Art Ambassador to not only promote Venezuelan art but also make my contribution for a better and brighter future for Venezuela.

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What We Do

Guacamaya Art was born with the purpose of bringing a little piece of Venezuela to the world so anyone can enjoy.

My inspiration for this online art store comes from my love for the arts and home decor as well as my deepest respect and admiration for the hands of all artisans, photographers, painters and artists that, day-by-day, express their creativity and recreate life through their art. We will showcase unique art pieces that will be carefully selected for all kinds of audiences and tastes. Artwork is available for retail through my website or wholesale by contacting us at info@guacamayaart.com.

Guacamaya Art wants to make a positive impact in the lives of Venezuelans not only by acquiring artwork with fair trade value but also by donating to different organizations that will build a brighter future for Venezuela.

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Our Team

  • Sandra Borjas Owner, Founder